Strategic Focus

Integrated Business Modelling

Cash Focus is a scalable business modelling platform that combines a double entry engine with your data and assumptions to produce profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports for any number of periods, profit centres and entities for you.

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Adds value by increasing certainty to intended results
Links operational targets to strategy
Prioritises goals and capital requirements
Provides a performance measure for actual results

Rolling Forecasts

Eliminate the need for the annual budget process
Provide continuous planning over 12, 18, 24, 36 plus periods
Increase visibility and result certainty
Reduce month-end reporting time to 6-7 minutes

Driver Based Forecasting

Provides context and key process representation
Shifts the “accounting task” out to operational management
Links operational activities to variable reveues and expenses
Changes focus from numbers to quantifying planned activities

I have clients using several forecasting and reporting tools but I find Cash Focus the best. It can be used with any financial package and you can import budgets and actuals. It does the consolidations you are looking for and will save you hours each month.
The contact is Steve Strain from Strategic Focus. Steve distributes Cash Focus in New Zealand and does the majority of the training. Cash Focus does everything they say it does and the quality of Steve's training is worth more than the small saving you might make on similar software. You can get more information and see videos answering all the common questions people ask. There is also a free trial available.
If you want to reduce days of work to an hour or less, I suggest you contact Steve as he is the font of all knowledge when it comes to budgeting, forecasting and consolidating. I leave all client contact to him, as he knows more than I've forgotten.

- Colleen King Dip Tchg, MBA aboutBusiness software and services - 03-359 4231