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What is rolling forecasting?

A rolling forecast is a method for maintaining a specified number of forecast periods beyond the financial year end. As each current period is rolled and updated for actual results a future period is automatically added to the end of the forecast in order to maintain the specified number of forecast periods. If maintained, a rolling forecast of 12,18, 36 or more future periods will eliminate the need for the annual budget process. Rolling Forecasts are the solution to static fixed year budgets and forecasts. This is because the rolling forecast eventually becomes the “new years” budget comparatives once it is formally approved. Learn more.

What is driver based forecasting?

Driver Based Planning and Forecasting is not just budgeting or forecasting numbers. It’s about the linking of activity based relationships to the variable budget and rolling forecast results. It’s about changing the focus from number gathering to quantifying planned activities. It’s about making it easy to shift the “accounting task” out to operational management in order to speed up month end reporting and eliminate the need for the annual budget process. Learn more.

What is Visual Cash Focus?

Cash Focus is a data base application for budgeting, rolling forecasts and management reporting all in one. Cash Focus is designed to remove the need for Excel and other time consuming manual systems by doing all the calculations and reporting for you. Cash Focus is a scaleable system that works with all the commonly available ledger systems to produce actual to budget and forecast, profit & loss, balance sheets and cash flows for any number of businesses, organisations and profit centers.

How does Visual Cash Focus work?

Cash Focus combines your ledger systems chart of accounts, budget and forecast data with a double entry accrual and cash flow accounting engine to generate your budget and forecast profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports for you. You specify the budget and forecast data over the periods it relates to and which balance sheet accounts you want to accrue to. Then relative to the balance sheet accrual you specify how the cash flow is to be received or paid and into which bank account. Receipts and payments can be in advance, arrears or non cash transfers. Cash Focus links to other Windows systems like Excel and Access to enable other managers input including “non financial drivers”, payroll and other key assumptions.

What problems does Visual Cash Focus solve?

Cash Focus removes the complication and hard work from budgeting, forecasting and management reporting for medium to larger organisations. Because none of the commonly available ledger systems include budgeting, forecasting and management reporting you have to decide whether you are going to work hard to build and maintain one in the likes of Excel or find one that already works. Cash Focus is guaranteed to produce fast and reliable management information without any risks of error.  It does this by containing all your key calculations and reporting processes within the software. Planning and reporting tasks can be easily shared without risk of loosing integrity or control or dependence on a single person.

How does Visual Cash Focus compare to other similar products?

Cash Focus is dedicated business modelling application. It was designed by Chartered Accountants and a team of dedicated programmers around a unique double entry accounting engine that can be customised to model any type of organisation. It was designed to mirror the transactional entries that would occur in a ledger system to generate future budget and forecast results. This methodology ensures that actual result variations are not due to compromises in accounting treatment but are due to differing levels of activity. There are 5 editions to choose from depending on modelling and reporting requirements. Cash Focus direct links to most ledger and Windows systems to eliminate the need to key or re-handle data. It contains a high level of functionality that exceeds many more expensive systems for a modest investment. Cash Focus is an open 64-bit Windows7 and Windows8 compliant application meaning it will work in all Windows environments allowing the set up and maintenance tasks to be done on PC’s, networks or remotely via Citrix or Terminal services.

Can you prove Visual Cash Focus will work with our organisation?

Yes we have extensive industry knowledge and many years of experience and guarantee the application will work as demonstrated or its free. Have a look at our industry examples and testimonials to see how it works for a number of industries. To help confirm whether Cash Focus will work for you simply request a trial copy and we’ll set up a sample model for you to try out. If Cash Focus looks capable of meeting your requirements we will then set up your model for you so it’s live and “ready to go”. If you prefer we will visit you and demonstrate it live. From here you will be able to see first hand the results for your own data and how the software brings your organisations future alive.

Is the Visual Cash Focus demonstration free?

Absolutely – free and with no obligation. Request a free CD or download link now and try it out. If Cash Focus looks good we’ll set up your ledger chart and provide a free onsite no obligation demonstration. If you don’t like it, you will at least have something to compare other systems to. Free Trial.

What start-up support is provided to help implement Visual Cash Focus?

Full start up support is provided, this is included in the software price. We will set up your ledger chart and initial assumptions for you so it’s live and ready to go and then we will show you how to use it. After delivery of the model there are two options depending on your budget and how much you are willing and able to do yourself:

  1. Implement Cash Focus following our step by step user guides with full phone/email support at no extra cost or,
  2. Opt for our” Accelerator program” where a CA qualified (Strategic Focus) team member is on site to provide hands on implementation training with the objective of completing the implementation task within a concentrated time frame.

What on-going support is provided for Visual Cash Focus?

The first months phone/email support is included in the software price. Afterwards there are two options:

  1. In return for a small monthly fee we provide unlimited phone and email support, software updates and our bi-weekly user tips or
  2. Onsite implementation and hands-on training is provided at our normal hourly or fixed rate”. Read More

What ledger systems does Visual Cash Focus work with?

Cash Focus works with all the commonly available ledger systems. Cash Focus is a budget and rolling forecast add-on for MYOB, Exonet, Accpac, Greentree, Empower, Moneyworks, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage50, MS Dynamics and many more. Tell us what ledger system you use and we will provide either an interface tool, data query or the import format required.

Who in my area supports Visual Cash Focus?

There are a number of chartered accountants and service providers through out New Zealand who support and use Cash Focus. Click here to see just a few.